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Expert skincare and professional advice from our Auckland nurse and beauty therapist

Zen Skin & Beauty, established in 2009, is a boutique clinic specialising in appearance medicine and beauty therapy treatments. Our appearance medicine specialist can rejuvenate your skin by dramatically improving wrinkles, sagging skin and sun damage, or our beauty therapist can treat you to a relaxing pedicure, skin-firming facial or fast efficient wax so you walk out of the clinic with smooth, beautiful skin.

For confidential advice or to book an appointment at our beautiful Remuera cosmetic clinic.

You will find our clinic caters for your personal skin requirements in a tranquil environment. Current clients appreciate our professional service that is specifically set up to promote relaxation.

We offer a range of services, including:
Botox ®/Dysport®
Dermal fillers
A range of skin care products and gift vouchers...and more!

Your registered nurses Debbie and Jess carry out all cosmetic appearance procedures

Debbie obtained her nursing qualification in South Africa. Over the last 15 years she has been practice nursing and mastering the facial rejuvenation technologies, particularly with microderm gentle abrasion treatments and IPL laser for hair reduction, removal of facial pigmentation, clearing up of broken veins and collagen stimulation.

Debbie is the proud owner/operator of this boutique clinic. She has created an extremely friendly, relaxing and discreet environment, which immediately puts the clients visits at ease.

Debbie is experienced with both Botox and Dysport (boulinum toxin type A) as well as Dermal Fillers. Debbie's goal is to achieve the very best result in the safest and most effective way. Her injecting is done with much care and precision and is always done subtly thus leaving her clients happy with a natural end result.

Debbie has a broad knowledge of the skin and the problems that come with it. Together with the cosmeceutical skin care range that is sold in the clinic, she has the ability to turn the clients skin into a healthier and overall more rejuvenated looking skin.

Consult with Debbie about gentle microdermabrasion, collagen stimulation, clearing up of broken veins, removal of facial pigmentation, Dermafrac (micro needling) or IPL Laser treatments for hair reduction.

Jess is a Registered Nurse who specialises in appearance medicine. She has a fine eye for detail and enjoys all things relating to health, fashion and beauty. She understands that beauty is more than “on trend procedures”, and believes in targeting subtle, natural looking results that can empower people to look and feel their confident best. Jess’s bespoke approach allows for smaller amounts of product being expertly used to enhance features. She understands how the harmony of the face is important for overall artistic proportion and aesthetically pleasing results. She places a high value on continuing her quest for knowledge in appearance medicine and she enjoys updating her skills in this area. Jess has a gentle approach to all beauty enhancements.

While completing her preregistration Jess spent time on a specialized surgical head and neck ward at Auckland Hospital. Prior to nursing Jess worked in human resources and events. In her personal time she loves all things to do with water, nature, museums, art galleries and being with her family.

Your beauty therapist Kathryn carries out all beauty therapy treatments

Kathryn is an internationally qualified beauty therapist who has been working in the beauty industry for the past 20 years both here in New Zealand and in the United Kingdom. Kathryn has been fortunate enough to have worked with a variety of professional skin care ranges and is trained and experienced in spa and clinical treatments.

Kathryn is passionate about providing her clients with the knowledge they need  to help them achieve their skin goals. She enjoys delivering facials that are not only excellent for your skin but wonderful in supporting your overall wellbeing. Kathryn offers a range of treatments including facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing and massage.